Am I the only one who has noticed the shows they are playing on the television?  Reality shows.  Do I care about these shows?  No.  Does anyone care about my opinion?  I doubt it.  I am tired of women putting themselves in compromising situations, in people eating gross foods, and the fighting and bickering that goes on with these shows.  What are we teaching our children? 

Give me a show that teaches me something or that has a good story line.  Even the game shows are less than entertaining, save for Jeopardy.  Now…I have to think with that show.  Those reality game shows that put people in a position to be mocked at or yelled at to lose weight is “horrendously horrible.”  Dignity takes a hike.

I do have to tell myself that people put themselves in a position to be gawked at, mocked at, shouted at, or laughed at.  All in the name of entertainment.  I can’t help but feel if we want respect from individuals, we have to earn that respect.  Am I too assume that I am being respected when I get laughed at, or yelled at?  No.  Again…what are we teaching our children?  That it is okay to do so. 

Even TV shows that carry sexual inuendos have ruined more than one child.  Their innocence is gone even before they become teenagers.  Now that is a sad state of affairs.  I am particularly thinking about “Two And A Half Men.”  There is nothing funny about that show and the laughter is canned.  Granted…I have the right to turn the channel and I do.  I wonder why Child Welfare does not say anything about that show or shows like that. 

There…I wrote something off the beaten path, because today I just felt like doing so and this is my website to do it in.  Check me out on Twitter (sybilleruth) and Linkedin.  I do have a company I am promoting, Outsource Unlimited, and hope that it becomes a success during these times of recession.  My position is in the marketing department – I just love creating and of course thank each and every reader for taking time from their busy schedule to read my inserts.

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