So many times we hear, in the news, about illegals applying for  jobs meant for the citizens of this country.  Has anyone considered  what type of  jobs the immigrants are doing?  A lot of minimum wage jobs.  And a lot of the illegals don’t have health insurance coverage.  Yet, these illegal immigrants do pay into social security, unemployment taxes, federal, and state taxes.  Do you think they will be able to collect when they retire?  Unless they have a green card – no.  Yet, they are making sure, by paying into social security, they are providing the legal citizens money so that the legals can collect social security when they retire.  The illegals won’t be able to collect.  And yet, outrage because jobs are being taken.  How many people are willing to work in the fields for minimum wage, with no insurance?  How many people realize that the social security they will be receiving was available in part because there was an illegal willing to work in the fields at minimum wage, knowing full well, unless he gets a green card, he won’t be collecting in his later years.  Social security is available so far because most working people, including the illegals are paying into it. 

Granted there are those who don’t pay into the system, but then there are also legals who don’t pay.  Perhaps color makes the illegals more visible.

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